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"If distance is stopping you from being with the person you truly love then there’s nothing stopping you because distance is only temporary."

Daily Life Quotes Day 13 (via newyorkchris)

"If your family and friends are too nice to tell you that you’re gaining weight, trust me, your clothes will let you know….shout out to the pants I can no longer fit."

"Often times when I am dealing with a lot. I am very quiet. I don’t know how to or maybe I am just not use to reaching out to people and telling them my problems because I am the one they come to when they need advice or a shoulder to cry on. I am expected to be the strong one. When I do reach out I barely get the kind of time or response I provided to those I helped before. It makes me even more sad so I stay quiet. It’s too big of a risk to end up even sadder than I started out."